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The Harvard Snow Gophers Snowmobile Club is located in Harvard, a small rural town in Northern Illinois. Since its organization in 1972 the club, through the efforts of many dedicated volunteers, has built a network of nearly 20 miles of trails.  All of the trails are located on private property or McHenry County Conservation District property and permission is obtained each year from the landowners and the MCCD for the use of these trails. We are all thankful for the generosity of these Harvard landowners and the MCCD for the access we are granted.


The snowmobile trails are maintained by volunteers from the club. Our trail system connects with trails maintained by other area snowmobile clubs. These interconnecting trails make it possible to access Northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan opening up thousands of miles for sledding adventures!  


Harvard’s trails are known as the Gateway to Copper Harbor MI


Meetings are Open to the public and held at the
Heritage House
21225 E US Highway Harvard, IL 60033
at 7:30 pm
on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

 (New members welcome)

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The Harvard Snow Gophers would like to thank you for your support of our 2016 Rodent's Raffle.



1st Quarter
Denver 10 Carolina 0

Forward and Reverse
Square 69
Jennifer Collins


2nd Quarter
Denver 13  Carolina 7

Square 37
Peter Synowiec

Square 91
Candelano Martinez


3rd Quarter
Denver 16  Carolina 7

Square 34
Scott Corn

Square 11

Ramon Ortega


4th Quarter
Denver 24 Carolina 10

Square 66
Carl Opper

Square 29

Mike Flynn